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• player •
Name/Alias: Liz or renzik
LJ: renzik
Contact Info: E-mail: animeleader4@yahoo.com AIM: AnimeLea
Previous Characters: This is my first one.

• original character •
Name: Akira Amami
Age: 16
Hometown/Region: Goldenrod City, Johto Region
Class: School Boy
Currently on him:

1. Ampharos:

Ampharos was one of Akira's first caught Pokemon, he has had it since it was just a Mareep in the wild. Ampharos, though Incredibly loyal to Akira, has a shy side that reminds Akira of himself.

2. Croconaw:

Croconaw was Akira's first Pokemon Partner, and they are VERY close, due to Akira's social problems with other humans, he considers Croconaw one of the few things he has that comes close to a friend. Croconaw is INCREDIBLY defensive of Akira, and has been known to clamp his jaws on those who it precieves means Akira harm, it is this defensive since it has witnessed Akira being bullied by other humans, the worst of which being Akira's big brother, who Akira's Croconaw despises.

3. Dragonair:

Dragonair is a Dratini Akira caught and has seen battle quite a bit and has since evolved on Akira's travels abroad of the regions, other boy trainers tended to mock the Dragonair as "weak". which greatly upsets Akira, Akira has faith that Dragonair will evolve one day, and takes great pains to nurse it's injuries whenever it gets beaten up.

4. Kadabra:
Akira also owns a Kadabra, which Akira admits he doesn't know much about due to a lack of understanding of Psychic-types on his part, still, he cares for it like any other Pokemon and tries to use it to his best ability.

5. Magmortar:

Akira once caught a Magmar that has since evolved into a Magmortar. Magmortar is the "problem child" of his team, and often lashes out at Akira, goes to sleep, doesn't listen, and generally doesn't care about Akira. It's possible Akira just can't ring in it's hot-headed personality because of his somewhat submissive personality and doesn't like to yell at his Pokemon.

6. Roggenrola:

Akira received a Roggenrola as a gift from his mother, who is currently traveling all over the world, She sent Akira this gift from while she was doing things in the Unova region.


1. Skarmory:

Skarmory is a Pokemon Akira is quite fond of, but he mostly pulls it out of storage for him to go flying around on. Akira loves flying on top of Skarmory when he needs room to think or breathe.

2. Whimsur:

Another gift from his Mother from when she was in Hoenn, while Akira cares about Whimsur and likes to take good care of it, he was allways afraid to take it out of storage, because he was afraid other boys would mock him for having a "Girl's Pokemon.".

3. Skorupi:

Skorupi was another gift from Akira's mother, from the Sinnoh region. Akira wanted to take care of it and raise it, but he is ABSOLUTELY terrified of poisonous things, snakes, bugs, etc.

4. Lapras:

Akira has a Lapras and loves to hug it and rub it, especially if he's feeling upset/lonely/sad. and also serves as Akira's ferry across water, as Akira has a huge problem with swimming.


While not incredibly short, Akira has a fairly standard height for a 16 year old, though he still has a problem with other boys being taller than him and could easily push him around. while he doesn't have a great physique, his main point is he's a good runner, but otherwise has a fairly thin build. he has a short mop-top of brown hair with some curly bangs in the back and he has brown eyes, behind black-rimmed glasses. his skin has a simple white complexion, Akira usually dresses in a pair of flat-brown "preppy" dress shoes (Though Akira really doesn't think of himself as "preppy") as well as a pair of brown khaki dress-pants, Akira also enjoys wearing a green sweater vest with white undershirt and a green tie.

PB: Kensuke Aida. (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rebuild of Evangelion.)

Akira, even since childhood, has allways had a rough time in the face of adversity, His father, being something of a big businessman, holding a large investment in the Goldenrod City Magnet Train, is often too busy to give his son much attention. Akira's mother travels abroad to the other regions a lot, and seems always to be in search of new Pokemon to study, as a Pokemon Researcher. Akira also always had something of a rocky relationship with his older brother. his older brother would pick on Akira relentlessly and say that Akira would never amount to anything, if he insisted on never being assertive and always being nice all the time. Eventually his older brother ended up being a HUGE troublemaker and stormed off to join Team Rocket. As Akira got older when he started "getting to that age" where his father insisted that he go on a Pokemon Journey to get him out of the house so he has another room for his clients, Akira resented having to leave home, but when he thought about it, there was nothing left for him there.

Akira however, did not want to abandon his passions just to be "just another Pokemon Trainer". Akira still greatly sought to still go to school, he thought he would be a let down to at least his mother if he dropped out completely. Akira spoke with his teachers, and they arranged it so Akira could attend classes at any school in any town he was nearby, Akira also has a huge passion for writing and art, and spends a lot of time writing and drawing, though the subjects of his writing and drawing would just serve as ammunition for the other boys, both school bullies and Pokemon Trainers on his travels, would use to pick on him and push him around. Akira did tend to write about his objects of admiration, and drew pictures of people he found interesting, and sadly, Akira tended to look up to other boys, which got him teased a lot, due to misconceptions about it being a creepy perverted advance on Akira's part.

Akira tended to get attached to other boys because his big brother abandoned him and he wanted a "real big brother." Although, ever since Team Rocket broke up and his brother was apparently "on the lam" and having to do more freelance petty crimes while in search of a new clique or home for his trouble making shenanigans, Akira has still had a desire in the back of his mind, to hash out everything with his brother, and possibly try to change his point of view and get him to reform his ways.

In terms of accomplishments, Akira wasn't good at earning badges, and he technically does not have any to his name, and always got stuck after a while, like a Gym Leader would be too much for him. however, Akira wasn't upset about losing, he only cared enough about competition in the sense of "how much are people gonna pick on me if I lose/don't earn badges?" Akira viewed the Pokemon League challenge as just a hobby or an "obligation" to try and become a better trainer, but Akira only wanted to be a better Trainer to fit in. Akira's greatest dream is to make friends, though close to that, was to do something, ANYTHING, to get recognition from his father. Becoming a good Pokemon Trainer, getting badges, finding rare Pokemon, becoming a better writer and artist, Akira was motivated just to have some relavance and be shown some form of human contact, the closest thing he had to that were his Pokemon, and the occasional supportive letter from his mother. To this day, Akira just craves just some form of attention.

Akira has been a very shy boy when he was little, due to the problems with his parents and his trouble making big brother, and is generally really nervous around people. He has self-esteem problems, and has a hard time standing up for himself and his beliefs. Around others, Akira tends to be shy and nervous, but his personality tends to fluctuate with his mood and how used he is to people, most of the time, Akira tries his utmost to be respectful, nice, polite, and kind, however, in stressful situations, he's been known to give in to pressure and become upset, which is why he's a popular bullying target, usually in the form of simple teenage angst of the "find a place to hide and hug the knees" variety, other times, it can get bad enough for him to cry, though he tries to write down how he feels as a coping mechanism to prevent people from seeing him being upset.

Akira is not really known for being angry, but there are things that will tick him off to yell sometimes, cruelty to Pokemon, because of his brother's joining of Team Rocket, is a huge hot-button issue for him, and considers Pokemon cruelty unforgivable, Also, he doesn't like seeing other humans getting pushed around like he does, especially if the said person seemed nice or tried to help him in the past, to the point he's willing to sacrifice himself to protect Pokemon or a human he considers a friend, He may not know how to fight or even struggle that well, and he's kind of lacking in the self-esteem department, but he will sacrifice his safety for either Pokemon or other humans who have shown him kindness.

Sample I: [You are leaving a voicemail message for Red]

"Hey Red, this is Akira, I wanted to thank you for the tips you gave me, and for your kind words about the pushing around other Trainers have been doing to me lately, I try not to be such a pushover, but sometimes it's difficult. I know we might not have known each other long, but It means a lot to me that you seem to care about my well-being.

Thanks for pointing out that guy who wanted to trade Pokemon was trying to scam me. I'd have no clue that he was planning to steal my Pokemon and give me an empty Poke-ball in return. I mean, why do people try to pull this crap in the first place? Karma gets mean people in the end, anyway. If only my brother would just understand that and give up on the whole being a troublemaker thing, sure, we've had our differences, but I miss him, and I wish I could find him and patch things up.

But I'm kinda rambling now, I'm sorry. How is Pikachu doing by the way? If you think Pikachu would enjoy it, I have a few Oran Berries I can send your way, just think of it as a token of my gratitude for all of your kindness. Talk to you later."

Sample II: [You are crossing a suspension bridge, and one of the ropes has just snapped.]

Akira began crossing a rickety rope-bridge with a very nervous look on his face. Akira had a serious fear of heights, and this was no exception, with every creek, Akira nearly jumped two feet. eventually Akira tried to calm himself down and take deep breaths. Eventually he stopped looking down and tried to focus on crossing, but them something happened, a rope snapped and the bridge shook, sending Akira over the edge, Akira however managed to hang onto the bridge, hanging on only by his fingers. Akria was frightened he was going to plummet to his doom, his mind racing, thinking about everything he hasn't done. He still wanted to patch things up with his father and possibly even his big brother, he still wanted to hear from his mother again, he still wanted to write and draw, he still wanted to go to school, and he still wanted to make friends, and take care of his Pokemon.

Akira held on for dear life as fear increased in his eyes, and Akira began to cry, fearing for his life. He began asking himself why he thought he had what it took to be a good Pokemon Trainer, and that all it took was a unstable wooden bridge to show how helpless he really was.

Eventually the fear got to him and Akira yelled. "HELP ME! SOMEONE! Please.... I don't wanna die, please don't let me fall...." Akira cried out, unable to stop the tears. Akira panicked and tried to hold on with one hand to go for a Poke Ball. 'Wait, that's it!' Akira thought. as he managed to send out his Skarmory. as Akira's grip failed and he fell to the river below. Skarmory swooped down and caught him and brought him safely to sturdy land. Crying, Akira embraced Skarmory and whimpered, nuzzling the Pokemon that saved his life, still seemingly afraid of everything. Skarmory's beak rubbed Akira's soft brown hair, trying to console him. Eventually, Akira was able to wipe his tears, stand up, and keep on going.

"Thanks, Skarmory." he said with a smile as he returned the metal bird to his Poke Ball and walked along.